Poor Padme

WTF did I do to piss off Dream?

You know that dream you have, where you wake up and go about you business and then suddenly wake up for real? I had that dream today. Except about twenty times in a row. At first I was home and it was the 23rd and I had forgotten my Christmas presents, the rest were all here in my dorm. For the last six or so I knew I was dreaming, but couldn't make myself wake up. At one point there was a man eating gorrilla in my room.

I think I may be experiencing some anxiety issues re: my research papers.

Well, back to the grind. I think I might just skip sleep tonight altogether and chug more Dr. Pepper. I have absolutely no desire to ever ever ever repeat that experience again.
I'm On A Ship


It tried to kill itself by throwing itself off the shelf, and decided to take my alarm clock with it. The lamp managed to clear my desk, but the alarm clock put a small dent into my laptop before knocking my cup of tea all over the mutherfucking room. Seriously, there was tea on the lap top, on the desk, on the wall, on the chair, on my lap, and on the floor. I think my alarm clock might be dead. Which is a shame, as it is the same alarm clock which woke me up for middle school and I have to futz around with because it is on "classic" daylight savings time, as opposed to nu daylight savings time. Depressing. I'm sort of hoping that if I leave it unpluged for a while it'll fix itself.

Here. Have a vid while I go back to de-stickifying my room with baby wipes.