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A Troop of Rogue Trained Monkeys from LJ's Search

A Few Notes About Me

I'm a fanfiction writer on the internet mostly, although this is my personal journal, and therefore has much more about my life and such than about my fanfiction. If you are looking for my stories, I suggest you check out my writing journal, deraliaearth

I write for Heroes, Torchwood, and Doctor Who.

Father's Side: We, as Scandinavian/German atheists, will fight you with science!
*design atom bomb, among other hi-jinky radioactive things*
Mother's Side: We, as Dutch/Czech/Irish Methodists, shall fight you with conventional weapons!
*blow up Nazi trains, get caught hiding Jewish family in basement, still manage to escape a concentration camp after being shot in the leg*
*bond over CHUD*
~Three children, a dog, and twent-five+ years of marriage later~
Me:... any questions about why my family is full of insanity?
I go to Bryn Mawr, which is the American Muggle equivalent of Hogwarts. For women. Feel free to be jealous and/or apply. HEY HEY HO HO THE PATRIARCHY HAS TO GO!

I also have posted fic under the handle of going_boldly  for reasons that don't actually make sense now that I'm on medication. If you've got any sort of attachment to my writing style, or familiarity with Star Trek or Syfy's Alice fandoms, feel free to check that out.
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