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Just To Let You Know I'm Alive

Life... has been kind of throwing me for a while. But, hey, new meds seem to be working so I thought I'd poke my head back in and see if there was still a party going on.

As far as what's been happening with me... it's a lot of emotional family junk compounded by my default Issues with mental health. I'm not really going to be talking about it- those of you who've friended me over on Facebook (wtf is this shit about crossposting to facebook anyhow? I'm not doing that, promise.) probably haven't noticed anything, so consider this to be your notice. If things are feeling off, don't worry about it. I have therapists and psychiatrists to do that.


I did indeed watch and love to little ittsy Matt-Smith sized bits and pieces the new season of Doctor Who. In an inverse of normal happenings, when wee!Doctor was making faces at the laptop he'd stolen from Amy's better-looking guyfriend and telling him to get a girlfriend, my sister turned to me and said "I bet he's on eHarmony." It was so precious that I immeadiately hugged her and promised she could stay up to watch the next episode with me. I think I may have creeped her out slightly.

As for the actual story itself: I loved it. What parts of be weren't all aflail with RORANICUS! AND AMELIA POND OF FAIRYTALES! AND BOWTIE MCCOOL DOCTOR! was actually really a bit turned on by the fact that we essentially had a running plotline about storytelling gimmicks (I do believe they're called TV tropes by some people, but I don't want to suck you into a black hole, so we're going to leave that there) and how they would look to people in the story they were being used on: I loved how we essentially had an elderitch abomination/continuity retool as the biggest menace of the story, I love how the "hero is offered two sucky choices, hero picks door number three, awesome ensues" plot was played in the second episode (AND THERE WAS SOPHIE OKONEDO SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I'm really, really happy that there was no forced choice between a normal life and time traveller space adventurer one.

Also, although if it happened I would totally say that I knew, but I no longer think that River Song is a regenerated Master. I think she's Ace. When it comes around to this point next year, I'll be very curious to see if I'm right.

Also this summer, the family and I watched Farscape:

Well. I've found something to replace the cracky-sexy void left by Children of Earth. 

So... yeah. Go watch it. It has Claudia Black, and plant people, shit blowing up, and more boodily fluids than you can swirl a stick in. 


Okay, I'm done now. Promise.

Writing wise, I'm kinda thinking of writing something for the Eleventh Doctor, and hats. Just because. I also still want to write something cracky and Sherlock/Watson/Mary/Irene for the new Sherlock movie, which was, as I believe I mentioned before, is ovary-tinglingly awesome.


So yeah. There's me then.

So, I'm going to leave those of you who aren't clicking on the cut with a crazy Youtube video, and a question: what have you been up to these last few months?



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