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Just when you thought it was safe to go back on your flist...

So, I had something of a haitus.

Mostly I’ve been lazing around watching things, visiting with friends, and all that type of stuff. I also baked a metric fuckton of brownies (and eated them too).


End of Time: I found it to be a bit disappointing. It felt less like it had a plot and more like it was a series of events which were loosely connected by something I suspect was revealed in the last part, but went completely over my head. What was the motivation behind the Master creating 6 billion+ copies of himself? When did Wilf and the Doctor become BFFs? What the hell was up with Donna: did she really have a role here, and was there really no point to the whole ‘if you tell her, her mind will burn’ thing other than the shockwave which seemed to have no lasting effect on her health whatsoever? When did President Obama become the leader of Great Britain?

At one point (when the Doctor was a little ‘tied up’) I was kind of looking at the computer screen and going “What is this? What does this mean?” until my sister said “It means that they’re GAY! Now shut up.” She felt that the finale ruined the Master for her. I told my mother the last 20 minutes or so were worth watching.

Avatar: Anyone familiar with the noble savages trope could predict how this was going to end, right down to which of the named, ‘main’ Na’vi were going to kick it. The special effects were awesome, though, and I was pretty well sold on Pandora as its own world. Less gender fail all around than I was expecting, too, although I see women are still the gatekeepers of morality. I got pretty excited towards the end because when Dr. Augustine started talking about how the Na’vi download things into a planet wide network I immediately thought “Oh, Ehwah is the hive mind of the internet! Of course!” Prolly not the message Cameron wanted me to get, but…

Chipmunks: Simon kept me sane during this movie. I mostly went because a friend of mine wanted to see, and she was turning twenty. Now I don’t feel obligated to buy her a birthday present.

Sherlock Holmes: It was everything the trailer promised it would be, scene that was not actually in the movie notwithstanding, so, points for truth in advertising. I can’t really reconcile it with Sherlock Holmes of either the literary or Jeremy Brett kind, but it was enjoyable in its own right. I’m think of it as something separate from canon, like in Star Trek where you have the prime verse and the reboot verse. I know everyone and their sister was all about Holmes/Watson but I looked at it and went POLY POLY POLY MESSED UP VICTORIAN POLY! This is pretty much all I thought of when there were long and complicated fight scenes. Like Watson would angst about how his wife doesn’t know about them and he feels guilty, and Holmes would be all, “She already knows we love each other, do the other details matter?” and the Watson would go “When they’re the details that could get us arrested” and Holmes would be “All the better that she doesn’t know then” and then Watson would kind of twitch. And then Irene Adler would come and she and Holmes would have sex in Watson’s old rooms, and Watson would be all “What the hell?” and Holmes would go “Well, you’ve got a woman.” “I’ve got a WIFE!” “Exactly. If anyone should have cause to feel shortchanged here, it should be me!”. And, and…

They were a lot of fight scenes in that movie. Shut up.

I also rewatched Tin Man. How did I miss the Cain/Glitch subtext the first time around (not to mention all the men in manly leather skirts)? Sis picked up on it straight off though, to my mother’s eternal horror.

I also did a LotR binge with UberBFF, wherein we watched all three extended editions in one day. Extremely enjoyable, even though, as previously demonstrated, it takes a fair bit to keep me engaged during a fight scene. However, I cannot look at Eomir and see anyone but McCoy. Which made pretty much every scene Karl Urban was in 600 times funnier than it should have been. I’m sure someone has already written the crack crossover, but I can’t find it.

I started watching Chuck on the account of UberBFF pestering me until I broke. I’m really enjoying it, and finding no compulsion to write fanfic, which is something of a new experience. 

In other news, Zoë Saldana had me from “Why don't you have my baby and wait at home while I go kill some motherfuckers?” And I am still laughing at Sarah Palin’s new job.

Hey there was Christmas and Hanukkah and Solstice and a bunch of other stuff since I last posted! Happy Holidays everyone! I’m even later than you!

I hit the gift card jackpot today, because I am incapable of asking for things which I’m not going to use. Also got some REALLY AWESOME clothes and EPIC BOOTS OF EPICNESS AND HARDINESS. Hopefully they last longer than my old pair, which went about a month before beginning to peel. Ew.

So, I’ve missed a lot. Lemme know if there’s anything important I should be talking about; I’ve pretty much been on facebook the entire vacation and nothing else remotely resembling social networking.
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